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Share this image on your social media or go to Chuck Crisco on Facebook and share from my page. 


Would you like to know the secret to living an abundant life and reaching your heart’s desires? This book will show you how to harness the power of love to unlock your heart, your life and your dreams. It launches you into the life you’ve always imagined. With practical tools and powerful truths you will find yourself being inspired and being free to be the authentic version of yourself. Plus you will discover how to enjoy life in the process. 

Loving yourself, your dream, and your world will unlock life, attract resources and launch you into a lifestyle where imagination and reality meet. Don’t live your life fulfilling the dreams others have for you. You were created with a unique heart-DNA that will radically change your life when followed. Your heart’s desires can find fulfillment! 

Dr Chuck Crisco’s special insights, years of experience, and simple easy to understand style, will help you shift your life, aim your heart, and follow your dreams. 

What are you waiting for? Get started now!


Unshakable gospel 

  • Download 9 hours of powerful audio teaching
  • How to Apply the Gospel to Every Person’s Life: Learn a simple definition of the gospel and keys to help people by sharing it in every area of life?
  • Psalm 22: The God Forsaken Son? Did God turn his back on Jesus at the cross and why does that matter?
  • Romans 5: Who is Included in Christ? Is the work of Christ for only a few, or only true if I believe it?
  • Isaiah 53: Is God a Child Molecher? Did God punish Jesus on the cross to avoid punishing us. 
  • What was Jesus Doing for 3 Days in Hades? Discover what happened when Jesus tasted death for every man.
  • The New Man and The Faith of Jesus. Discover how the faith of Jesus gives you righteousness, redemption, reconciliation, and more.
  • The Ascension: War and Mercy. Did you know that God has never heard a word of accusation against you from the devil? 
  • The Enthronement of Christ: What Does it Mean?
  • Plus several bonus audios!