In this seminar, I want to take you on a journey to answer one of the most universal questions: what happens to YOU after YOU die?

For most of us, we were taught some images of heaven (Peter standing at the gates, streets of gold, New Jerusalem, etc) without understanding the more important answers:

  • Where is heaven?
  • What is heaven?
  • Who is in heaven?
  • Who REALLY gets to go to heaven?
  • Is it limited to believers in our particular denomination?
  • Do Hindu's or Buddhist's go there?
  • Is Judas and Hitler there?
  • Or will everyone get to participate in it?

In this seminar I will answer those important topics AND MORE while still maintaining a Christ-centered world-view.
What happened to your grandmother you so dearly loved? What REALLY happens to YOU after death?
The scandalous grace of God will give you the ability to see through various doctrinal perspectives without being critical of them. It will be theologically challenging and intellectually stimulating.


Your Resource Package Comes with Two Audios and One Bonus Audio...

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For Heaven's Sake?

This first audio is 1 hour and 15 minutes long, and was a Facebook Live Seminar held in the Smoky Mountains of TN. It explores life after death; why we can sometimes see those that died; can they see us; who goes to heaven; what is heaven actually like; what do near death experiences tell us about the afterlife; why "entering the kingdom of heaven" has nothing to do with going to heaven; and why are we here, what is our purpose in life. (1 hour, 15 min)

BONUS AUDIO:   In this study of Revelation 21 I will help you interpreting images such as "Wipe Away My Tears" and "The New Heavens"!

BONUS AUDIO:  In this study of Revelation 21 I will help you interpreting images such as "Wipe Away My Tears" and "The New Heavens"!


what about hell and the judgment?

If there is a hell, then of course "all dog's" don't "go to heaven"! Is there a judgment in our future? Or was that a past event? Does hell exist? Why or why not? 

In this audio we will explore some ideas from the "church fathers", the timing of the judgment, Gehenna, the book of Revelation, and what Josephus teaches us about "hell". (45min audio)