Peace and Grace to You! A New Day Dawning is a church/ministry whose goal is to restore the optimism of the gospel. The good news is MUCH BETTER than you've been told. It is the mind-blowing, heart-expanding declaration of the unconditional love of God for you! It will challenge every "religious" idea you were taught with it's simplicity and power.

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on the gospel of the unconditional love of God

The good news is that ALL are within the New Covenant today. ALL are "saved". All are sons and daughters of their Father in heaven. But not everyone knows God as their Father yet. Explore these challenging and liberating teachings.


hell isn't real?

Did you know that the Bible never taught about hell at all? Instead it speaks of Gehenna, Tartarus, the Lake of Fire, Sheol and Hades. You may be surprised to know that none of these are a place where God etnerally punishes "sinners." These are eye-opening teachingts that will revolutionize your relationship with God. 


the end times are fulfilled already...


The "end of the age" was never about events in our day, or end of the world senarios. Rather they describe the end of the old covenant age, in particular the 40 year transitional period between the cross and the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.