The Secret Recipe For Making Religious Monsters

Begin by making God a monster, so that we become what we behold. He must kill and curse Jesus so that he can avoid killing you.  (Truth)

Second attach extreme fear to not believing the monster God teaching. Make sure people know that they will be eternally tormented in extreme pain for not accepting your view. Dangle them by a spiders web over the flames. (Truth)

Make wrong-bad behavior the reason for salvation instead of the restoration of relationship. It should not matter that Paul primarily uses sin as a noun that Christ was victorious over rather than a verb. (Truth)

Create a financial system built around supporting those beliefs so that any change in said beliefs will result in a loss of money thereby making change nearly impossible for the pastor. 

Of course add a dash of one of our deepest fears that if one disagrees they will be ostracized from friends, family and church. (Truth)

Throw in that the devil is going to take over the world, and is in fact doing so right now, and so nothing that people do here will have any legacy whatsoever. (Truth)

Now compel those same fear driven people to share their conditional love message with everyone as the only possible view of God or truth. (Truth)

Then just add water... watching them interact with normal well adjusted people. 

Cook for a lifetime in the juice of judging others and “Voila!”! The monster emerges! (Truth)