Interpreting Revelation: Does God Know How To Use a Clock

The Book of Revelation: Does God Know How To Use A Clock?

This is an important question when interpreting the Bible. When he refers to time, he speaks clearly and in alignment with our concepts, even though he lives both in and outside of time.

For example:

In Isaiah 13:22, he says, "Her time is near to come, and her days will not be prolonged." This did not mean thousands of years. This was a short time between the word where he prophesied that the Medes would destroy Babylon.

In Ezekiel 7, he repeats over and again that it is NEAR. And it was.

In Obadiah 15, "For the day of the LORD UPON ALL THE NATION IS NEAR" guess what? It was only 3 years away when Babylon destroyed Edom.

So when Jesus the Prophet speaks he doesn't suddenly change the way prophets speak and bring them confusion, just to "mess with them" a bit. In verse 1 it says "which God gave him to show his servants things which must SHORTLY take place." This can't mean 2000 years. When he says in verse 3, "for the time is NEAR" it could not mean 2000 years later. When he says "quickly" he doesn't mean "slowly".

Consistently throughout the Word, God uses this language to describe imminence in time. It was always accurate. That is exactly what he was doing in Revelation.

Thankfully, it's already fulfilled in the destruction of a city, Jerusalem, just like happened in past uses of the time language. The judgments of Revelation are NOT in your FUTURE! Your future is bright. His kingdom is increasing in the earth. Be salt and light and watch what God will do! GOD CAN TELL TIME.