The Testimony of An Awakened Heart

I am pleased to share Mikki Burnett's testimony of God's grace in her life. This is the fruit of allowing our hearts to believe in the gospel of grace and fulfilled eschatology. Here is her story in her own words:

I spent 37 years bouncing in and out of relationship with God, either out of disillusion, discontent, or desperation. I started preaching when I was 8, spoke in other tongues when I was 12, saw angels, had visitations from God, and experienced personal miracles. I served in many church positions, including worship leader and youth pastor. I'd led people to Christ, healed the sick, the lame and the blind and even raised the dead, but it wasn't enough.

I know some may not believe it, but it was an 18-month old baby that came back to life. He died in his mothers arms in my home. When I was 15 years old I heard her scream and ran downstairs. Dad was trying to recucitate him for 5 minutes doing CPR. She wouldn't let go. The baby wasn't breathing and had turned blue-gray. When I came on the scene, the dad asked me to help her while he unlocked the door to the office to get the phone to call an ambulance. As he walked away, she collapsed and I grabbed the child so she wouldn't injure him, and when I did, I screamed," In Jesus' name, you will not take this child!" Then the baby opened his eyes and acted like nothing happened. Doctors could find no reason

Instead of living in joy though, I was eventually miserable on the inside. I wanted Jesus to come and STAY. It seemed the more I did, the more I tried, the more difficult life became and the more distant God became. No matter what I did, He was always just out of reach. I was taught that when God seems distant, He is stretching your faith and I couldn't understand why a loving God would stretch me in a way that felt like being strapped to a torture device before He would come to see me. I felt I couldn't ever do enough to fully please Him.

The anxiety was so severe it sent me to ER many times, unable to breathe, and depression led to several suicide evaluations. The more false doctrine I received, the more I did to please Him, the more timid I became. I was told I had to wait for the anointing before I prayed for people but never taught how to know it was there so I became fearful of praying over people...even after raising the dead. Religion quenched the power God had put in me: proof that the traditions of men make the word ineffective.

Then, 3 years ago, I began to hear the true grace message and got my first taste. It was then that I realized I had been lied to by every pastor and preacher that I had sat under.

A year later, I was introduced to fulfillment...the belief that everything in the bible was fulfilled, even the book of Revelation. I did not accept it at first, but I also refused to study it out, and I stopped communication with those who preached it for awhile.

Knowing I had been lied to in the past, I went to God and pretty much, demanded He had to be the one to show me. Scriptures began to come to me with the question, "what would this mean if 'they' were right?"

Suddenly, my eyes were opened and though my circumstances did not change much, my perspective certainly has. The world is getting better, not worse. I don't see devils under every rock, but see Jesus, instead. I strive for nothing. My prayer and study life are effortless. I was delivered from crippling  anxiety and depression and all fear of not doing enough, or being good enough.

You see, I raised the dead BEFORE I knew religious doctrine, but once I was indoctrinated, I became timid...crippled. It wasn't until I realized that Jesus wants us to trust Him completely that things changed. It had to really be finished, because we never FULLY trust anyone until we know they have KEPT their LAST promise. He did everything He said He would do, WHEN He said He would do it, or He could not be trusted. Period.

Now that I know He KEPT all His promises...I have no worries or needs as I see everything comes to me with no effort. Finances come out of nowhere. I used to feel condemnation because I had difficulty making myself never seemed natural, and I always had so many concerns, I just couldn't do it. Now, I don't even concern myself with prayer unless asked to pray for someone else. I simply enjoy all day dialogue, now. I just go about my day in constant awareness of His presence, and out of the blue, He just tells me things. My conversation with Him is always spontaneous and random and fun! 

Since realizing this truth, I am free. I am enjoying heaven on earth, regardless of how things might appear to others. You cannot convince me there is anything left undone. Heaven is here, if you have eyes to see it!!! I have entered fully into His rest, because I know there is nothing left undone. My life is nothing but GLORIOUS play!!! I AM FREE!!!

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