Releasing Your Inner Awesome: Believe in Your Dream

What do beliefs have to do with our dreams? The truth is that our hearts believe tens of thousands of things about innumerable subjects. Beliefs are the fabric of our experiences, and the filter for the glorious desires within you. 

I want to ask you to thoughtfully read what I wrote in my new book, Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Access, Activate and Achieve Your Heart's Desires:

"This may come as a shock to you, but your world is largely made up of what your beliefs have built. We think that we are limited by our environment, our family up-bringing, our social status, our bank account or our education. Those are not limitations. We sometimes we think that maybe God is the One holding us back waiting for us qualify for something good when you are already qualified (Colossians 1:12). Jesus made it very clear, “nothing is impossible with God” and “all things are possible to him that believes!”  

Don’t confuse what I am teaching as blame for not having “enough” faith. This is not about a faith-based measuring stick to get God to “move”. This is about how we live and experience life through our belief systems. 

Nor am I talking about the silliness that we were taught to lie to ourselves saying, “I’m not sick” while coughing and hacking at the doctors office. Or even when we avoid medical care altogether thinking that it is faith. It isn’t. 

Instead, think about the life that our beliefs build. Why do you drive the ragged car that you drive? Now think of all the beliefs that are involved which could be limiting you. Is it literally the only car in the world that you could afford? Or did you buy it on impulse because you believed someone else was going to get it before you? Did you believe that you couldn’t get a slightly better income or that this is the kind of car that fits your view of yourself as a slightly poor college student? You might say that it’s because it was the only one you could afford. Or you might say it was a gift and it would hurt the feelings of the one who gave it to you if you got another one. There are many beliefs that went into you getting that car. 

This goes for every thing that is going on in your life. The color of the walls of your house, the kind of job you have, the friends that you attract, or the amount of money that you make. In reality, they are all coming from our own personal beliefs that create the environment that we live in. It is actually very empowering to discover that most of our life is the direct result of our own choices arising out of our own beliefs. 

Let’s consider finances. Maybe you grew up in a poor family and you heard words like “rich people are thieves” (which isn’t a universal truth) or “the Bible says money is the root of all evil” (which it doesn’t). Let’s say that you also have a view of yourself that says you aren’t worth very much. What happens when someone offers you a better job making amazing money for your gifts and skills? In your heart, probably without realizing it, you may be driven to turn the job down. Or if you also believe you really need the money and take the job, eventually you would sabotage yourself because you will never feel as if you deserve it. 

As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Or we could say, “We cannot solve our problems with the same beliefs we used to create them.”

Consider the woman who is living in an abusive relationship. Her husband beats her and her children, and one day he may very well kill her. She hates the abuse, but she can’t imagine changing it. She can’t see anything beyond what is her normal, and she believes his propaganda that if she leaves, he will kill her. She may even have beliefs pounded into her by a hyper-religious church that says God will hate her if she ever gets a divorce.  

Most of us looking on the outside can’t fathom why she would stay in that situation, but her life is built on one thing…her own beliefs. All this is happening while she is praying for God to do something for her that she isn’t willing to do for herself. She prays for God to change the situation while He is the One trying to change her beliefs and get her to act out of those beliefs. Do you see why our beliefs are so powerful? We live in a magical fairyland mentality waiting on God to change something… when it is our beliefs he is trying to change!

So you see, our entire world of experiences is made up of the limitations or the expansion of our own beliefs. We don’t actually live according to our desires. We live according to the expectation that our beliefs create. That means your dream can only come true by changing what you believe. If you build it, your dream will come! If you allow God to change your opinion about Him and about yourself, you will find amazing things happening in your life!

So who is in control of your life?  It’s not what some other person did to you; don’t give them the authority to permanently ruin your life. You get to set the course. Wayne Dyer once perceptively said, “If you think other people are the cause of your problems, you’re going to have to send the rest of the world to the psychiatrist for you to get better.” Ultimately our problem isn’t what others do or say. Not even God will force you to believe. Instead He invites you to let Him awaken trust in your heart."

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