You Glow in the Dark!

Where do we get our dreams and desires? Are they sown into us by parents? Are they things we make up in our heads? Or... maybe some of them are wired into us by the Creator!? 

The glory in you is so bright that if we had a spiritual black light we could see that you glow in the dark! God is not ashamed of your light... he put it there and he wants you to shine!

In my new book, Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Access, Activate, and Achieve Your Heart's Desires I wrote...

God is about the business of revealing the glory that is within us (Romans 8:18). Did you ever think about that? He has purposed to draw that glory out from within you, so who are you to hide the light that is called you? 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies before you and what lies behind you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.”

The essence of who you are is a spirit of love. You are a new creation. You might have habits of thought inconsistent with the new you. You could possess feelings from your past. But if you define yourself according to your past, you are doomed to not only keep repeating it, but you will never fully access the dream in your heart. No one wants to reach into their heart if they think it is filled with darkness.

Instead, it is love that put dreams there. That’s why you can’t find it outside yourself. You can hear encouragement from others. You might discover by experience that you have a love for painting, for instance, that you didn’t know was there. I can show you steps to re-discovering YOU. But the good news is that it is already there. YOU are the dream of God’s heart and your uniqueness isn’t in trying to be like others, but by being your divine self!

This is where it begins… falling in love with you. Valuing you! Your destiny begins in no other place than agreeing with the grace given to you in your own being before time began! That means that all the purposes for your life are coded into your inner spirit already. You aren’t God, but you are a divine being with a spirit coded with a DNA just like your physical DNA. There are things you are designed to do that will only happen if you are authentically you. Forrest Gump lived life to the fullest and impacted the world by being Gump!

When I started to realize this, I found that my dream was tied to helping others discover this for themselves. Very few things delight me as much as helping people see the treasure within them. So finding the value in myself became the catalyst for my own dream! I constantly search for ways to help people see the truth of themselves. I look at others and wish I could give them a spiritual MRI and watch them stare in wonder at themselves. 

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